Flock Browser 2.5 Features

Activate Services and Unite Your Social Networks in the People Sidebar

- Activate Accounts and Services in Flock to Bring Your Contacts Together
- Monitor Contacts and Perform Actions Using the People Sidebar
- Facebook Chat

View and Share Media through the Media Bar
- View Media in the Media Bar
- Search for Media Using the Media Bar
- Find and Favorite Media Streams
- View Media in Your Own Online Account
- Drag and Drop from the Media Bar
- Post, Email and Share from the Media Bar

Share Pictures, Text, Audio and Video

- Email Links with One Click
- Set Up Your Online Photo Account in Flock
- Edit and Upload Pictures Using the Photo Uploader
- Drag and Drop Share - Practically Anything!
- Use the Web Clipboard for Instant Saving and Sharing

Broadcast your activities with FlockCast
- Broadcast your status.
- Broadcast your blogs.
- Broadcast your pictures.
- Shut down FlockCast.

Set Up Webmail in Flock
- Set Up a Webmail Account in Flock
- Use Webmail in Flock
- Work with Multiple Webmail Accounts
- Share with Webmail

Activate and Manage Blogs
- Set Up a Blog Service in Flock
- Set Up a Self-hosted Blog in Flock
- Use Flock to Post to Your Blog

Track Feeds
- Find Feeds
- View Feeds
- Subscribe to Feeds
- Work with Articles
- Manage Feeds and Feed Readers
- Use the Diggman

Use Enhanced Search Tools and Favorites Organizing
- Save Favorites with One Click
- Manage Favorites
- Quick-Search Your Favorites, Browsing History and the Web
- Change How Searches are Done
- Set Up an Online Favorites Account
- Publish Favorites Online

Personalize Flock and My World
- Important: How to Change Most Settings
- Customize Toolbars
- Customize the Favorites Toolbar
- Customize My World Favorite Sites, Friends, Feeds and Media
- Customize the Download Manager

Set Your Start and Home Pages
- Set Your Default Browser
- Set Tab and Window Options
- Change the Look of Web Pages
- Block or Allow Pop-up Windows
- Block or Allow Images
- Enable or Disable Java or Javascript
- Adjust Automatic Updates
- Ensure Privacy and Manage Security
- Change Cookie Settings

Manage Passwords
- Manage Your Personal Information
- Protect Yourself with Instant Website ID and Anti-Malware Alert
- Get or Build Add-ons for Flock
- Get an Add-on
- Remove an Add-on
- Build an Add-on

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