Google Search Redirect Virus Removal

The Google Search Redirect Virus may seem innocuous at first glance. It is quickly spreading on the net nowadays. Majority of users would just ignore the redirection because they would think that it happens sometimes and that it is generally harmless. They may not be aware that they already caught a virus.

I was so annoyed when I searched online for a certain health site. In stead of getting the result that I want, I was redirected to a site with lots of fake ads. I have never heard of this site before, and even if I already clicked the back button so many times, the incident will just recur. I had to make several attempts to refresh the page before I got the result I am targeting. This became so annoying on my part because I needed to get quick information on the topic I am researching.

I first thought that there is something wrong with my computer. I immediately called a technician to have it fixed --- but to no avail. These incidents would persist. I shared this experience with my friends and found out that most of them are experiencing the same thing. It was then that I found out about the virus. I was surprised to know that it's actually a virus because I never got any alerts from my virus detector.

The Google Search Redirect Virus doesn't work like the other viruses we catch on our PC. It will not install anything on your system but it can change the files that run Windows. It will not be detected by your virus detection and anti-malware software because it will immediately leave your system after making those harmful changes.

To get rid of this problem, I downloaded a software which is specially designed for Google Search Redirect Virus removal.

By following a few, easy steps; the infected files were corrected and browsing came back to normal again


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