Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator

What is the Supplemental Index Ratio?

Google has a secondary index containing pages pages considered of less importance.
This pages are considered supplemental results, and returned in SERPs only if there are no pages from the main index matching the given search term(s).

The Supplemental Index Ratio tells you what percentage of pages indexed from your website are supplemental results.
The lower your Supplemental Index Ratio is, the better.
How Can I Lower My Supplemental Index Ratio?

The primary solution is to get more relevant inbound links… but this is the solution of 90% of SEO problems.
Some other suggested solutions are

Avoid duplicate content
Write long posts
Avoid linking at bad neighborhood
Avoid excessive reciprocal links

How Does Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator Works?

Basically it:

Finds the total number of pages indexed by Google from your website with
Finds the total number of pages in the main index
Does some math to find the percentage

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